All you need to know about us.

Upper Secretariat

Georges Sacre

Secretary General

Georges Sacre is a fifth year university student at the American University of Beirut, where he is double majoring in English Language and Computer Science. After AUB, Georges is looking forward to pursuing a doctorate in Linguistics all the while studying Human Culture.

He has been School Advisor and Director of Training to the Champville MUN program since 2011, after himself being a delegate.

In his free time, Georges reads, cooks, writes, watches series, writes computer programs, and makes movies. He is a scout, a painter, and a bass-baritone operatic singer.

But if there is one thing Georges is truly passionate about, it's empowering his younger peers. And as such, Georges is very excited about heading the CMCMUN 2017 Secretariat in his function as Secretary General. He hopes to channel his years of experience within local and international MUN Programs and Conferences to provide the CMCMUN 2017's participants with a wonderful experience.

Peter Haber

Assistant Secretary General

Peter Haber is a 12th grade student at Collège Mariste Champville, working towards a Double Baccalaureate (Lebanese Baccalaureate and French Baccalaureate) with emphasis on Biology. He is a Taekwondo black belt, third dan.

He has been involved in the MUN Program for three years, and has participated in the 2016 GCLAUMUN Conference, where he represented Afghanistan in the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND).

As an ASG to the CMCMUN program, his main concern is to make sure that everything can run smoothly, in the ultimate aim that this conference would end up being a great experience for every person choosing to take part in it.

He always gets the job done, as he is - in his own words, and in everyone else's - the best man for the job.

Sarah Azzi

Assistant Secretary General

Sarah Azzi is an 11th grade student at Collège Mariste Champville, as part of the double baccalaureate program. She has been involved in MUN since grade 9, and plans to continue, as she finds it addictive. Within Champville MUN, she graduated Club-I and Club-II with Excellence Awards, and served as Club-I trainer in her Club-II year.

As an ASG, she vows to help the program run as smoothly as possible, to ensure that the delegates leave wanting more.

In her free time, Sarah is either at a scout meeting, busy organizing things, or mastering random skills (of which she will mention amigurumi knitting).

She plans to pursue a field of study that will help her grow and discover herself and the world, both of which are skills that being part of the Champville MUN community has helped her work on.

She particularly enjoys cheese and hot tea.

Henrico-Pio Basile

Media Coordinator

Henrico-Pio Basile is an 11th grade student at Collège Mariste Champville, as part of the double baccalaureate program. Henrico has been swimming for two years now, but his true passion is playing the piano.

He has vowed to dedicate his spare time outside the CMCMUN program, to helping youngsters acquire the talent of this intricate yet beautiful instrument. Henrico is also a writer, and notes everything that comes into his mind down in his collection.

He plans to take on a career in which he could unleash his creativity and eventually mesmerize everyone that meets him. With regards to this year's CMCMUN conference, Henrico has said, "I am vividly interested in being the program's Media Coordinator, and I hope that I will make the Media Division run as smoothly as possible, in the aim of achieving a well-polished work".

Adriana Nemr

Logistics Coordinator

Adriana Nemr is a 9th grade student at Collège Mariste Champville, and as such the youngest member of our Upper Secretariat. She has been a part of the Champville MUN Program for about 2 years and is currently training first year CMUN students, all the while being part of the Club-II.

Her stance against all forms of discrimination, particularly racism and sexism, makes the MUN Program a huge priority to her. Her passion is writing and as a music lover, she likes musicians, more specifically piano players.

Adriana's zeal and devotion, are particularly well suited to her assignment as leader of the Logistics team.

Being of a strong and independent mindset, she sticks out from the crowd; and her smily disposition ensures that she will easily make friends wherever she goes. Despite her somewhat compulsive attachment to order, she remains one of the cutest people you could ever meet.

Gaëlle Hamandi

Delegate Coordinator

Gaëlle Hamandi is a 10th grade school student at Collège Mariste Champville. With only two years to go, she hopes to study Political Science and International Affairs at the Lebanese American University.

She has been involved with MUN for two years now, and is currently a trainer to Club-I Members in the Champville Model United Nations Program.

Gaëlle is very passionate about makeup; especially artistic makeup.

Being a proud feminist, Gaëlle hopes that one day she and her strong independent co-trainer Adriana will run a campaign to establish equality between males and females. She believes that one day, a female president will run Lebanon. It might be her, who knows?

Jason Diab

Committees Coordinator

Jason Diab is an 11th grade double baccalaureate student at Collège Mariste Champville.

He spent 3 years in the Champville MUN Program and is, along with Yara, Commitee and Topics Coordinator for the CMCMUN Conference of 2017.

He is part of the school's official highschool Basketball team. Basketball is truly a passion for him, and he has been an active scout for nearly 8 years now.

With regards to this year's CMCMUN conference, he is excited to partake in making it happen, and will do so by way of heading the team that will develop the commitees and prepare what he hopes will be intriguing topics for the committees to debate.

Yara Frangieh

Committees Coordinator

Yara Frangieh is a 10th grade student at Collège Mariste Champville.

Yara has been a member of the Champville Model United Nations Program for three years now, and is psyched to have been chosen as a member of the CMCMUN Upper Secretariat as a Committee and Topics Coordinator.

Yara is passionate about dancing, and playing the violin is something she loves. In her free time, she enjoys taking pictures of natural views.

She is quite adventurous and loves discovering new cultures.