General Information

Details of the logistics

The Application Process

In order to allow for optimal organisation and minimal human error, in keeping with the CMUN Charter of 2017, as much of our processes as possible are automated and take place online.
Payment of the delegate participation fee, which is of 20$ per delegate (including lunch), can, however, be made in person.
If you would like to take part of our conference, you'll need an account on our Portal, which is free to create. Our team and conference consider each individual as is, without special consideration towards groups applying together.
The information you fill into your user account on our Portal will be taken into account when you apply to participate in our conferences, such that our system will not allow you to register for a committee run in a language you do not speak comfortably, or a committee meant for a skill level above (or below) your own, so please be sure to feed it in correctly or to ensure that it is up-to-date. Should you ever apply to another one of our conferences in the future, it would be to your advantage to apply using the same account.

Once you have a user account, it is as simple as clicking a button to apply to our conference. This will tell our system that you are interested in occupying a position in our committees, and will allow us to tailor the available committees to each of our participants' individual skill levels and preferred languages.
As soon as we've finished creating a set of committees to accomodate each and every one of our applicants, you will receive an email prompting you to look at our set of committees and topics. If you do so while signed in through our Portal, it will show you recommendations based on the information you will have put in your account.
No later than a month before the conference, the Portal will allow you to choose your own position in our conference according to the rule of first come, first served; but only if you have paid the delegate participation fee (at Champville). You will receive an email about the position selection beforehand.
A week before the conference, assignments will be frozen and you will no longer be able to change your mind about yours. By that point you will be officially considered a delegate in our conference and your participation certificate will be ordered. A simple Position Statement between 250 and 500 words in length will be required of you by the Portal for each of your committee's topics, and you will have a few days to submit it.
Two days before the conference, Position Statements will become available to the other delegates in your committee.
Our conference will begin on a Saturday morning and end on Sunday afternoon, with the distribution of participation certificates and the recognition of distinguished delegates.

Important Files