About CMC Model United Nations

A multilingual, international Model UN program.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is a United Nations conference simulation which gives students the chance to play the role of official United Nations delegates. It's education through simulation in that it requires students to do research, speechwriting and role play all the while enhancing their diplomatic skills. For the duration of a Model UN simulation, whether it be a committee conference or a crisis simulation, the student leaves their life behind and becomes the delegate representing a country in one of the UN's committees or organisations.

MUN simulations boost students' interests in world issues. The students prepare for simulations by doing in-depth research on various issues, and participate to the simulations by supporting the point of view of the country they represent, using solid evidence and properly laid out arguments.

CMC Model United Nations

The Champville MUN training program has been successful for six years on an internal level. It brings MUN to students between the seventh and the eleventh grades, teaches them about culture and politics, then puts them in various MUN simulations. This year, for the first time, we are launching CMCMUN, a soon-to-be annual student run conference with both generic committees (such as General Assembly Committees, the Security Council, ECOSOC and the relevant organizations, Historical Committees), and the CMUN's International Crisis Events committee.
It will be hosted in the Collège Mariste Champville school in Deek-el-Mehdi, Lebanon.

CMCMUN Conferencing Staff

The CMCMUN is entirely run by CMC's students, under the supervision of the CMUN's experienced staff. The Dais of each committee or organisation will be comprised of a President, Vice-President and Director. The International Crisis Events committee will be run by a Chairperson and their Assistants.
For more information on the procedures, please refer to the General Information section and to the Delegate Preparation section.

CMCMUN Secretariat

The Secretariat of the CMCMUN is composed of a Program Director, a Secretary General, their Deputies, and four Organisation Boards (Logistics and Emergencies, Press and Photography, Public Relations and Treasury, Information and Conference Coordination). Each member of the Information and Conference Coordination Board is responsible for the preparation and monitoring of specific committees or simulations.
For more information, please refer to the Personnel page.